Blind Writing

I'm working on a book.  Lots of people are working on a book, just like I have been for the past year or so, but now I'm actually sitting down and writing.  Not the book I thought I wanted to write, but the one that wants to be written.  Submitting to this eased so much of the mental conflict I was having about where to go with it.  

I noticed something today.  Everyone knows writing is a creative process.  Some people like to edit as they go, making sure things are spelled right and the sentence structure is good. This is how I've always been.  But I noticed that it takes me out of the flow of writing.  I can have a thought going in my head, when all of a sudden I hit the wrong key.  The jagged red underline is like a flare that I can't ignore.  The problem is, if I fix it, it takes me out of the creative mindset and into the present tense editing mode, and even if only for a few seconds, I then have to think of where I was.  But, if I ignore it, my attention keeps getting drawn back to it, that red flare, also keeping me from just writing.

I tried to just look at the keyboard, which is ok, but I'm still aware if I hit the wrong key.  What I found works best for me is to close my eyes.  It sounds weird, to sit in a room typing with my eyes closed, but it really works.  Sure, when I open them, I find more mistakes than I would have made otherwise, but I've gotten more writing done, which is why I'm there in the first place.  Editing can be done later.