The Beginning


It's arguable whether or not we all have a book inside us.  I think most people have at least something worth saying, and maybe someone else can relate to it too.  I've thought for quite awhile about starting to write, but so many things cross my mind -

Will anyone care?

Will I be repeating things that have been said before?

Will I share too much?  

Do I have enough to say to write long enough or interesting enough posts? 

Let's see - maybe, probably, probably, who knows.  

The truth is, none of it matters.  There is almost always something simmering just beneath the surface, and often it starts to boil over.  I don't know if there is enough inside me to ever be a book, or if it is profound enough for others to read.  I'm doing this for the act of writing, with no expectations or plans for it.  In the beginning, it's guaranteed to be scattered between many different topics.  Maybe over time, it will narrow in focus, or maybe it will just attract fellow readers who enjoy the wandering journey. Either way, I sincerely hope you enjoy it and I hope you benefit from it in some way.

I honestly can't take credit for a lot of things I say.  Stories from my life, sure, those are mine, but most of my core beliefs are things I've heard along the way.  Some I thought of myself, and then heard someone else say too, so who knows. There is a huge list of people that have shaped my thinking in a significant way.  Too many to even list, for fear that I will overlook someone.

Some of my favorite topics, depending on the day, are creativity, design, tech, writing, psychology, inventing, and fitness.  Maybe that just leaves you as confused as I am, wondering how Walt Disney and Arnold Schwarzenegger get along in my head.  Trust me, they do, and that part I take credit for. Although I can't take credit for many of the things I think and say, I can take credit for how it all comes together.  Think of it like this - I may not make the sugar, and I may not make the flour, but I do bake the cake.  

I just thought of that.  I like it.

Thanks to all the people who have influence me, thank to the people who have, and continue to support me - my loving family, and thanks for spending some time here.